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    eRacer 16m



    eLabtronics eRacer_16m is the newer modified version of the eRacer. It was created in order to provide an introduction to electronics, microcontroller programming and robotics. The eRacer_16m is particularly suited to educational and hobbyist activities because of its low cost and comprehensive technical documentation. The eRacer_16m utilises the innovative CoreChart and ezCircuit Designer software packages. For detailed projects utilising the eRacer16m contact the STEMSEL Foundation or visit their website


    • Easily constructed by students who have basic soldering skills.
    • Kit supplied with eRacer_16m parts and electronic components.
    • Uses the PICF819 microcontroller via the eLab16m board.
    • The eLab16m is reusable, i.e. it can be used for other projects, not only the eRacer_16m.
    • 14 lines wired for input and output operation.
    • Can be programmed to avoid obstacles, move along lines and even follow a light source.
    • Comes with eRacer_16m Robotics Resource CD, includes:

      • IBM PC Programming Software (CoreChart, ezCircuit Designer, MPLAB)
      • Detailed manual on electronic assembly and mechanical construction
      • Programming tutorials
      • Extensive technical data library

    Input/Output Circuits

    • L293D driver chip used to operate two independent motors.
    • Infrared transmitter and receiver to detect objects in front of the eRacer_16m.
    • Two light sensors on the base of the eRacer to follow lines along the ground and to detect different coloured light sources.
    • One bright red and one bright green LED mounted on the base of the eRacer_16m to emit different coloured light
    • Two independent bright red LEDs at the front
    • One buzzer and One Pushbutton

    Summary of Port Configuration

    eRacer ports


    • Printed Circuit Board (PCB)
      • 100mm x 40mm
      • Tinned and Solder Masked
      • Component Overlay Diagram (on top)
    • Various Electrical Components
      • 1x 1nf (102) Ceramic Capacitor
      • 1x 10nf (103) Ceramic Capacitor
      • 2x 100nf (104) Ceramic Capacitor
      • 1x 100uf (104) Electrolytic Capacitor
      • 1x 330uf (104) Electrolytic Capacitor
      • 3x 1N4148 Diode
      • 1x 1N5819 Diode
      • 1x Zener Diode (4.7V/200mA)
      • 1x 100uH Radial Inductor
      • 1x 10ohm Resistor
      • 1x 220ohm Resistor
      • 5x 390ohm Resistor
      • 1x 1kohm Resistor
      • 1x 2.2kohm Resistor
      • 1x 4.7kohm Resistor
      • 3x 10kohm Resistor
      • 2x 33kohm Resistor
      • 2x Light Dependent Resistors
      • 3x Super Bright Red LED
      • 1x Super Bright Green LED
      • 1x Infrared(IR) LED
      • 1x 3-pin Infrared(IR) Receiver
      • 2x BC337 Transistor
      • 2x 2-pin Header
      • 1x 10-pin Header
      • 1x 16-pin Header
      • 1x 8-pin IC Socket
      • 1x 8-pin Timer IC
      • 1x 10-pin Ribbon Connector
      • 1x 16-pin Ribbon Connector
      • 1x Piezo Buzzer
      • 1x Tinned Wire Link
      • 4x Metal Screws
      • 8x Heat Shrink

    Illustrated construction manual with all the mechanical components

    eRacer layout


    Download eRacer 16m Documents



    AU$198.00 (Built and Tested: includes built eRacer_16m with CD)
    AU$132.00 (Complete Kit: includes eRacer_16m kit and CD)